Shift work can be challenging. Working nights is something everyone should try. There’s a quiet peace in the nighttime. Absent the hustle and bustle of the daytime, minus the line-of-sight tastings, it takes a self-starter to keep focusing on your goals. Programs like #before5AM, assume a “normal” workday of 9 to 5, where getting up in the quiet hours before 5 AM, people can leverage the night to improve their productivity. Living off the beaten path is interesting. The same model doesn’t work for everyone. If working night doesn’t give you insomnia, it will, on occasion put you into bits of sleeplessness.

This week, transitions between night shift and “day walker” hours has left me with a couple longer than 24 hour long days, with the remaining days at less than 4 hours of sleep.┬áDuring one of these episodes I came across the phrase #teamNoSleep and immediately became obsessed with the idea. I’m going to see if this company, @glittersips ┬ácan customize me a coffee travel mug with the phrase. There is something very fun and often very funny about being awake for a long time. I can’t find the photo I saw this week, but @SnarkyNurses put out a meme that cartooned “That moment when everything is you’ve been up so long that everything is funny.” Sure, it might just be brain injury, but there’s no sense in wasting the reality of being really tired in complaint. I say jump in with both feet and feel all the feels of tired. Sure, you might be hearing color or seeing waves in your vision, washing you into a quick burst of micro sleep…enjoy it, it won’t last forever.