Tonight we invest in ourselves

Tonight people all over the world get together at bars and clubs and pubs and the like to escape reality for a moment. Why escape? Better yet, why only a moment? What if the escape could be for good, and you no longer had to punch the clock on Monday? Would you forgo the over-priced drinks and music so loud you can’t even hear the people you are with…if you knew that a better future could come from hard work and #hustle now? Marcus Aurelius said, “Everything’s destiny is to change, to be transformed, to perish. So that new things can be born.” Put another way, “We all have two lives. The second one starts when we realize we only have one…” When entrepreneurs talk about having a “sense of urgency”, this is what they mean!

A fun and motivating Instagram company @millionaire_mentor posts positive, #hustle rich memes all day. Today this one:

Speaking of grind, time for some coffee and personal development reading. #hustle on you #Action heroes!