The rain…

It’s been raining the past couple days. Where we live it doesn’t do that very often so it’s an event any time it does rain. There’s something “grass is greener” about the weather hour region doesn’t usually get. Rain a lot where you are, in sure the random day of bright sunshine evokes the same appreciation for the “something different.”

Anyway, our small kids haven’t had the chance to play in the rain until now…it took some convincing, but rain boots and coats on they felt the cool water dripping and the exhilaration of jumping into foot deep puddles! Even the smell of humidity in the air brought up questions like, “Dad, what’s that smell? Peanut butter?” Kids are funny…they’ll relate to things they know…Adults are funny in much the same way.

Sitting out on the patio listening to the sound of rain pelting the house…daydreaming about real life thunderstorms and all their beautiful destruction…I felt so relaxed…and tired…rain has a drowsiness to it…right?

Winter is coming.