Zombie Apocalypse starts with chips?

Forgive me if I’m being naive, but do we really need generic engineering on our Cool Ranch Doritos?

I don’t know if all the snacks are doing it these days, but in a moment of boredom I caught glimpse of the back of the bag of chips today and was struck by the quasi-warning near the bottom

“Produced with Genetic Engineering”

Excuse me, WTH?

I’m all for using science to make thing better, unless it makes mutant Doritos that will kill me! I watched a documentary a while back Food, Inc. that spelled out the litany of errors we are making by selectively harvesting and genetically modifying things to produce the best crops that are pest resistant and produce the most giant sweet apples, etc. 

Just because we can with science, does that mean we should? Nature has had millennia of natural selection and iterates over many millions of choices, if we decide to make only one strand of strawberries or broccoli, do you wonder if we’ll get it right…my guess is there will be unintended consequences…you know, global famine, pandemics, disaster…all the best parts of the bible maybe? 

If we poison our bodies and our water and our food supplies we did it to ourselves. Now I know better than to eat chips…the crunch isn’t worth the Effect on my body but what can I say? I like the crunch and I only do it once in a while…plus my body has to work harder and is therefore more resilient, right?

All that said, if we are going to use genetic engineering…is snacks the place to use it? Or are there other areas of science we should be focusing on? I heart profits, but let’s be smart about this…that is unless we WANT the zombie apocalypse to start sooner…like as in:

Does Frito-lay have stock in some pharma? Hmm.

Just some fun food for thought, folks.