Ever try to schedule something?

Ever try to schedule something? You know, like set a date for something where more than one person has to show up at the same time? Why is this such a nightmare? Recently, I’ve been trying to de-conflict a few appointments against a few parties and work, and nothing seems to work. I move one appointment or trade a work day and in invariably interferes with at least one other interested party. If I get somebody to cover a work shift, the appointment that was scheduled for that day suddenly no longer works for the doctor or other agency. It seems to me there MUST be a better way to program my life? My gut says this is not unique to me, and that there MUST be a solution to this that could revolutionize people’s lives. There is something deeper here than the need for a planner, or a Google calendar, or app… or maybe the solution is one of those things? I’m at a loss, what do you think? Have you found a reliable way to coordinate with people and de-conflict the myriad events and tasks that (plague?) fill our calendars? I’m sold on bulletjournal as a means to keep organized in the face of endless tasks, but how can we make that system work on a more global scale?

GroundHog Day

In honor of GroundHog Day, let’s ask the obvious questions… “Really? 6 more weeks of winter? Isn’t that already a given? Who are we trying to fool Punxsutawney Phil?” Why does a rodent’s fear have any influence on the weather? How superstitious are we? Speaking of #BFM, how awesome was that 80’s exploration of the fantasy of second, third, millionth chances? Jump into that reality for a second and consider what it would be like to revisit a powerful moment in your life and try to change the outcome. Fate? Who needs it? Ran across a very interesting web video on this topic by Anna Akana on youtube. Her short is called Riley Rewind. In that little video Akana explores the opportunity to be a hero via time travel, to go back and save a suicidal girl in need of friendship. Not unlike the plot of GroundHog Day, this theme of attempting to correct regret is interesting, but brings up the more important question. How can we maximize our potential for making the CORRECT decisions given imperfect information? Funny how things connect, I’ve been listening to a great book on audible that addresses this and a number of other amazing topics. Algorithms to live by sounds very nerdy when you read the synopsis, but topics like “Stopping Theory” have so many applications to your daily life inside and outside of the Las Vegas casinos. Ok, if you’re following along, we’ve nerded out a bit, considered some heavy philosophical topics, and get to do it all over again tomorrow… that said, let’s take a deep breath and remember “Don’t Worry, Bill Murray.”

Zombie Apocalypse starts with chips?

Forgive me if I’m being naive, but do we really need generic engineering on our Cool Ranch Doritos?

I don’t know if all the snacks are doing it these days, but in a moment of boredom I caught glimpse of the back of the bag of chips today and was struck by the quasi-warning near the bottom

“Produced with Genetic Engineering”

Excuse me, WTH?

I’m all for using science to make thing better, unless it makes mutant Doritos that will kill me! I watched a documentary a while back Food, Inc. that spelled out the litany of errors we are making by selectively harvesting and genetically modifying things to produce the best crops that are pest resistant and produce the most giant sweet apples, etc. 

Just because we can with science, does that mean we should? Nature has had millennia of natural selection and iterates over many millions of choices, if we decide to make only one strand of strawberries or broccoli, do you wonder if we’ll get it right…my guess is there will be unintended consequences…you know, global famine, pandemics, disaster…all the best parts of the bible maybe? 

If we poison our bodies and our water and our food supplies we did it to ourselves. Now I know better than to eat chips…the crunch isn’t worth the Effect on my body but what can I say? I like the crunch and I only do it once in a while…plus my body has to work harder and is therefore more resilient, right?

All that said, if we are going to use genetic engineering…is snacks the place to use it? Or are there other areas of science we should be focusing on? I heart profits, but let’s be smart about this…that is unless we WANT the zombie apocalypse to start sooner…like as in:

Does Frito-lay have stock in some pharma? Hmm.

Just some fun food for thought, folks.