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There is power in action. It’s almost always self-serving. Action begets more action in a positive feedback loop. The more you do, the more you believe you can do. In fact the busiest people tend to have the most capacity to get more done because they never succumb to that sense of being “too busy”. They simply get down to the business of getting things done. In a sense, I knew this would happen. If you’ve ever read anything by Nassim Taleb (The Black Swan, Fooled by randomness, Anti-fragile) you’d know that change and variability play a huge role in our lives. Although in retrospect we often ascribe a narrative to our lives, that narrative may only exist retrospectively. In the moment we still live the quantum life, like Schroedinger’s Car, half this, half that until we choose our path, or randomness and variability choose us. Either way, this beautiful mess of life flows like Frost suggested from Parh to path, continually diverging I the proverbial Yellow woods. This blog is step one. It is a meta-space, an active reflection in real-time, but it is not the next step. It will run parallel to the next step and, eventually will become the main treatise, but a diversion of action is necessary to build a more compelling tale. The next step will reflect a literary device that I once loathed, but now see as quite possibly the most important stage in development. Rather than get ahead of myself, I’ll let the words of Emma Watson sit here…

These are exciting times.


“The less you reveal the more people can wonder.” -Emma Watson