Free Agency

Not sure if this method of embedding video is allowed or not, but I wanted to make this video available to any readers. If you aren’t an avid Shark Tank connoisseur, or haven’t watched the Mavericks play and seen their owner out there supporting the team, you may not know who Mark Cuban is. He’s a billionaire investor, entrepreneur, and star of Shark Tank. As part of a really awesome series called 30 Days of Genius, @chasejarvis interviewed some of the best and brightest out there. Since I’ve already bragged about how awesome @RamitSethi and @TimFerris are, I wanted to point out some brilliant points Mr Cuban made in this piece. His mindset is, “We are all free agents” and we should be #hustling every day as such. There’s no time or reason to sit back satisfied, because no matter how far you’ve come, nobody’s “made it” yet. The most hardcore entrepreneurs are driven by that unending drive to improve more. These creatives are driven not by a desire to be better than the next guy but to be better than their previous self. There is so much room for growth if you are interested in growing!

I share a lot of Cuban’s ideas about the real #Action living at the intersection of emerging technologies. My day job relies heavily on working on that razor’s edge between remerging and adopted technology and maintaining the lead. Most industries live an operate in that space, but Cuban has made a living seeing how to PROFIT from seeing into the systems before they are apparent to everyone.

For all intents and purposes, Cuban has “made it.” To us common folk he’s got all of the trappings of the rich life that we’d love to have. He, and the other 1%’rs out there have made me inspired to craft a recipe for you and the 99% other average Joes to #BuyYourWayOutOfBondage. This will take Cuban-like focus, willingness to be out there doing what has to be done day in and day out, but it’s an algorithm for sure. If you are interested, let’s start a discussion.


Steps 2 thru…

Lao Tzu did say that “A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.”

At the very least we attribute it to him, because who really knows what someone said so long ago. Did he have a blog archive? ūüôā

That said, nobody ever really addresses the 2nd thru 1000th mile steps. What sustains and drives us forward in our endeavors? Action will give you the determination to get up off the couch and make the first step. The excitement of¬†starting¬†isn’t foreign to any of us. If you’ve ever been to the gym, think of January at the gym… People are¬†starting. They set a resolution and are out there making it happen. Does February look the same? Have¬†YOU made it that long?

You made it off the couch. That counts for something. But now is not the time to rest on your laurels (What’s a laurel?) Now is the time to set up a system. Systems save us from ourselves. It takes time for a habit to become ingrained, so your system is what keeps you going when the excuses start.

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Changing your life doesn’t have to be a gargantuan effort. It can be a series of small lifestyle changes, that over time, turn into what looks like an epic metamorphosis.

“Opportunity¬†is missed by most people because it is¬†dressed¬†in overalls and looks¬†like work.” – Thomas A. Edison

Preview for next time, here’s a secret weapon that’s been doubling and re-doubling my productivity, and doesn’t get in the way. Any obstacle, at this beginning stage of transformation, could be enough to stifle progress, so we need a tool that works for us…not the other way around.

Your Secret Weapon

Until next time, keep up the action.